Our arms are open wide to embrace a child through open adoption, and to share the love, kindness, and laughter that fills our home.

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this is us

>our love story

  • We met while working in Boston and bonded over Midwestern values, football, and our love of travel.
  • We’ve been together for seven years, married for two, and moved to North Carolina in 2018 to lay down roots.
  • Our relationship is filled with love, support, and lots of silliness.

Cassie has a loving heart for all creatures!

About Cassie by Mike

Cassie is an affectionate, dependable, and loving wife. She is a proud dog mom with a huge heart for animals – caring for stray cats and transporting rescue dogs from local shelters. She is compassionate and kind and seizes every opportunity to befriend kids in the neighborhood. Cassie enjoys hosting guests at our home and aims to make everyone feel welcome. She’s going to be a great mom!

Cassie earned a Master’s in Social Work and works from home. Her flexible career as an Executive Assistant will allow plenty of time for childcare and activities.

A lazy Sunday with Mike and his best friend, Luther.

About Mike by Cassie

Mike is a dedicated, patient, and supportive husband. He’s strong-willed yet considerate; confident yet empathetic; and approaches much of life with a ‘glass half-full’ attitude. He’s full of witty jokes and the first to drop what he’s doing to help a neighbor move furniture or mentor a friend for career guidance. Mike is the guy who everyone gravitates to in a room. He is kindhearted and has a unique way of connecting with people and making them feel valued. He will be the best dad!

Mike holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology, working from home as an Account Executive for a technology company. The family benefits are amazing.

Cassie with her niece who she calls her ‘mini-me’.

Cassie enjoys interior design, baking, animal rescue, and